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Published on February 3rd, 2015 | by markus

Choose to be a Dad

Superbowl Weekend has just passed

and the (US-) World had been ecstatic and celebrated themselves, above all, their heroes.

During those few hours, not just the players go all out to gain glory that will make it into the history books; for years now, the car manufactures go into competition to give their best in million-dollar commercials, demonstrating their creativity… their “heroes”.

Toyota, this year,  didn’t just present their latest model, they presented some of the players being role models to their kids and doing so with great pride, love and commitment.

Rediscovering family and they responsibility as much as the opportunity seems to set a new trend, not just living for work, money and career. But it is to me more than that.

Family Life, accepting the challenges and enjoying the benefits. This will give you strength for the day, for this year and will make into a person that lives in balance, being able to stand strong in all battles that you will face in the future.

And above even that, you will live with a purpose. Being a dad and accepting the responsibly is far more, it is what you are therefore in life. – investing in the next generation, helping Kids become strong and preparing them for their battles.

God’s Word puts it like this: (and I am using an excerpt from an article:

Paul says in 2 Timothy 1:14, “Guard the good deposit entrusted to you.” Then, a few verses later, picking up some of that same language, he tells Timothy, as part of his “guarding,” to “entrust to faithful men” what has been entrusted to him, and part of that “entrusting” is teaching them to pass the same thing on to others (2 Timothy 2:2). 

Paul is telling Timothy that an essential part … is this investment in the next generation. It is not some optional add-on. In other words, when Paul tells Timothy to “guard” …, he is not just calling Timothy to protect the integrity … He is also calling Timothy to fight to preserve … against the effects of erosion over time, even beyond Timothy’s time.

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