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Published on December 19th, 2015 | by markus

Hommage to my brothers

Walking the roads of our youth

through the land of our childhood, our home and our truth

Be near me, guide me

always stay beside me so i can be free, free

Lets roam this place

familiar and vast

our playground of green frames, our past

We were wanderers

never lost, always home

When every place was fenceless

and time was endless

our ways were always the same

Cool my demons and walk with me brother

until our roads lead us away from each other

and if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking, don’t rest

and promise me from heart to chest

to never let your memories die, never

I will always be alive and by your side,

in your mind

I’m free

DANKE für alle Hindernisse, die wir überkommen haben, alle Siege die wir miteinander gefeiert haben

und alle Berge die wir erklommen haben. Die  Trennung von tausenden von Kilometern, der Hoffnung, Leidenschaft und Liebe. Danke für alles Miteinander, ohne Euch könnte ich es nicht schaffen!

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