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Published on June 12th, 2010 | by markus

FIFA World Cup


What a night to remember…

The opening of the World Cup 2010 (the first to take place on African soil) took place yesterday and we been anxiously waiting for the Kick Off.

A crazy idea had come to us (my wife, Inge and I) a few weeks ago, “why not invite our South African friends for this unique event to Dettingen”? The idea was growing on us and quickly a few organisational decisions were taken.

A flyer was printed and the invite went out to about 70 South African families living in the South West of Germany.

The event grew by the day and many wanted to contribute to this highlight for many who been living 10 000km’s away from Home. The weather forecast was mixed and in the morning of the 11th of June the first callers questioned the event as it was pouring down in the Western parts of the country.

We on the other side waited for all our set ups as we didn’t want to be flooded with all those nice decorations and expensive technologies that had to be used. But the rain never came and another round of callers asked whether they could come early to join the opening ceremony at 2pm. That gave us 2 hours for the set up. Thanks to some great Dettinger helpers we went ahead and set up the event. By 1pm the sun was scorching and the first visitors had made their way to the countryside (near the Schwäbische Alb).

Unbelievable scenes were witnessed within the next few hours. People poured in yellow and green into the backyard of the “Alte Gemeindehaus”. And the press didn’t want to miss this event – experiencing South Africans living in the South of Germany.


SWR Radio and SWR TV came, the Kirchheimer “Teckbote”(local Newspaper) with 2 people, and the “Sindelfinger” Newspaper came to witness 80 (including 20 Kids) proud South Africans rising to join in when the South African National Anthem was played. (What a moment where the one or other tear was shed).

55min waiting in the sun and Siphiwe Tshabalala scores the first “Laduma” at the World Cup and brings the “Bafana Bafanas” into the lead. Now, the atmosphere is at a boiling point. “Vuvuzelas” are blown and everybody is overjoyed. Some Kids run around wearing South African fan helmets (“Makarabas”) selling South African Sweets. (Nik Naks, Jelly Tots and Bar-one’s) are just the thing, now that we are so close to home away from home.

Adults are enjoying their “Savanna” and everything is great. And this also can’t be changed when the Mexicans score the equalizer and the game ends 1:1, because now the 2nd highlight of the day is up and this starts with a smell in the air. “Are we in heaven already”? The “braais” have been lit and the first “boereworses” have been put on the fire. Nothing can explain what is now happening to everyone as the buffet is been openend and only local food is been served. (“lekker”!!) “Samoosas” and “Bobotie” is completing the braai wors and everyone is celebrating and mixing. The press is getting their picture, interviews as well as a brief insight into the World of this great rainbow nation. “Cape Brandy Tart” and “Melk Tert” are perfecting the taste of Home and everyone is convinced: This is going to be a great month.

  • A month, were all those South Africans living away from Home will be proud of their mother country.
  • A month, were once again, sports will unite people and put differences aside.
  • A month, were we support our National Teams and bounce between joy and sorrow, victory and defeat.
  • A month, were the experiences of a soccer match is a true reflection of our lives.
  • A month, were true emotions are experienced.

May this sporting event unite us and be under the protecting hand of our God.

Your sporting fan



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